CFTB- Juliette-London based/distance readings


Based in London, I am a Psychic Medium recognised by the spiritualist movement who has served the spiritualist churches as a platform medium.
One of the lessons I have learnt from the Spirit world is this ‘Our life purpose in this Universe is to mould ourselves and develop ourselves to the very best that we can be to give service to others’. You have extraordinary purpose and meaning on this earth plane that can not only serve you, but others too, and it is my privilege to work alongside spirit to bring you some of the tools needed to embark on your own personal and spiritual journey.

Please have a look below at the services I offer which start from £35.
Please contact me via email to arrange a reading (which will be done via video call in the context of restrictions attached to Covid-19). I will reply in less than 24 hours.
Readings can de done via Zoom, Google Meet or Skype (if you prefer another platform, please suggest it)

Private consultation of 30 minutes £35

During a reading I will open to all my abilities and connect with the spirit world to provide you with information and messages from your loved ones (relatives and/or friends) who have passed on, therefore giving you the reassurance that they are still by your side. Opportunities and challenges taking place in your life will surface during the reading and guidance will be provided to help you gain clarity and direction.

Private consultation of 1 hour £55

A longer reading provides the opportunity to take a more in-depth look at key areas of life and to address any issues that might prevent you from moving forward. This will help you to gain clarity and provide you with the tools needed to embark on self-improvement.

My website has only been created recently and might not yet be visible in the first pages of Google. Thank you for your patience and in the meantime I am happy to provide with further clarifications on my mediumship work.
Please email me anytime or message me on what’s app- The number is monitored from 12 pm to 1.30 pm and from 7pm to 8 pm ( I can only answer what’s app messages during those hours)
Thank you.

Thornhill Road, London, UK