Mayella Maxwell


As a facilitator, a mentor, an Intuitive Healer and Personal Coach I help people to get beyond their blocks, their stuckness, to get to the core of who they really are – so that they can see themselves from an empowering viewpoint and are free to be fully expressed.

My life experience has enabled me to deal with whatever shows up in a one-to-one session. I have gone through intense personal transformation and have dared to turn the perceived reality of victimhood into a reality of thriving. I therefore bring to the table the power of turning the worst situations, and the beliefs we create from them, into positive life affirming learnings.

I offer one-to-one sessions and small group sessions all on Zoom – please see my website for the details –

My new offering for 2021 is an online course for a small group of 6 people ‘Re-aligning with Source’ and for more details of this please see

Before working with me, I would have a 20 minute or so, consultation with you so we can check out if we both agree that we want to work with each other. There’s nothing worse than paying for a session and realising half way through that it really isn’t what you wanted – so these consultations help to avoid that.

Love and hugs

Robinson Road, London, UK

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