Phone and zoom readings.

What to expect during your reading with myself.

Readings begin by outlining my first initial senses around you and I will then invite you to talk about how I can help you or what direction or subject you would like to discuss.
During most readings, as we start to talk and connect, I will start to get shown images that may or may not mean anything to me or you (there is always a reason I am shown things so write them down for later if you can’t place them… I NEVER GUESS, they all mean something)
Please don’t feel you can’t talk or explain if you do understand any images as a reading evolves with interaction. (Imagine spirit around you standing far back from me stepping closer forward to give me more information as spirit starts to feel your trust in me increase)
Do not worry about saying too much as spirit will always give me a detail or story that you haven’t to show you that they are with you. For example, if you tell me about a family member in spirit, I should be able to expand in far greater detail. I often find the reading evolves into a far more detailed reading for the client. All I ask for is an open mind and willingness to engage with me.
Please be aware that I do have a very frank way of talking and my language can at times be colourful, especially considering my spirit guide that is always around during readings has very colourful language with her dry sense of humour! (I have always promised myself if I was to do this professionally, I would do it my way, as honestly as I possibly could. I realise that this may not be to everyone’s taste so happy to refund and cancel if you feel after reading this, it is not for you.)
If you have any concerns before our reading please do feel free to contact me beforehand. Most readings are great fun and you will feel at ease in no time as I am in no way intimidating or judgemental.
After our reading, I am more than happy to be contacted with any further questions you may have. It is natural after a reading and I certainly wouldn’t charge again to clear up the odd questions. It’s always nice to hear of any progress that may be made.
Thank you again and I look forward to talking to you soon!
I am also a Reiki master and offer distance healing or packages at my home.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire

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