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Hello and welcome to this new page, we hope that it will provide you with some tools to help and support you. The articles are written by the members of the association on a variety of subjects, including life in our material world which I see is the pathway to one’s spiritual path. We will help to in reading the messages you see in daily activities and how they are interpreted, this will give you answers to many aspects in the most straightforward way; whatever that you seek the answers for. Some do it with tarot cards, crystal balls, clairvoyance etc. so let us introduce you to this school of thought that you may try to use yourself. I trust they will help you in your own personal path and answers you seek in your life, no matter what you are asking.

One of my teachers over the past 30 years whom I was privileged to know was an inspiration to me when I attended his class. At the time I had no idea about his style of psychic awareness in a material world; he was first-class at introducing his school of thoughts and teaching us that an excellent psychic mind is a person with an active sense; he stated that no one wants a reading with a psychic who stops and starts, the flow of information is essential, He said “I don’t believe in mediation to open to spirit, we are always open but not always connected.”

Wow! I recall with open mouth, jaw-dropping how opposite he was from all other teachers and schools of thought,  how different from sitting meditating and opening up the chakras.

I was as ever, open-minded as I think everything has a reason and purpose and is never a coincidence. What a different way indeed to the past 15 years of various teacher’s schools of thought and attitude; so dissimilar to all I currently knew. His name was  Arthur Molinari and he was indeed a great teacher and was a gifted medium. It was a privilege to have had him as one of my teachers; he taught for many years at the College of Psychic Studies and I recall they invited him to be the head of the college. It was so sad that late in life he suffered from an illness that prevented him from working onwards and giving his readings. He also set up the spiritual movement in Malta and was recognised for his achievements; he was highly regarded  

As we go along, I will explain a great deal so you can understand, everyone is psychic. We can call it a sixth sense, a feeling that can’t be explained, your hair goes up in certain circumstances, or things don’t seem right but you’re not sure why; maybe you see things in dreams or before they happen, maybe it’s just deja vous. It’s all about how we interpret material things and have spiritual guidance from them, to be open-minded, go with your interpretation.

All I ask, is that when you work or ask for the answer that you seek from the higher source, say a prayer under the grace of God (whichever you follow) “May the answers I so seek be true and given under your grace and favour” here you evoke protection as long you ask your guides to protect you and deliver you.

So let us start – bring to hand a book, a magazine or something written, that will help. The type or genre is unimportant, you simply need something written.

Now close your eyes, ask the question, whatever it is does not matter (although please do not ask questions such as is this the winning lottery numbers) any question that is about yourself or family or situation or event. The question yet does not have an outcome or answer, that’s why we are doing this.

With the book or magazine, hold the book in one hand, eyes closed, ask the question with the other hand flick the pages open asking the question you seek the answer to, stop at a page and keep that page open. With your index finger go up down around the page, then stop the finger, do not take finger away or move your finger from that spot; now open eyes and read where your finger is. The paragraph or sentence or word will be your answer. If by chance you end up on a blank page, there is nothing to do yet, in the event your finger laid on the page that says next chapter; your question is moving ahead to the next stage in the event or circumstances; do the process again, ask the same problem and what will happen etc. This will get another page on which will inform you of the interpretation; although words may not have an exact meaning.

Like the horoscope this will tell you the answer to that question; try to have faith in the process and that you have evoked your spirit guide or the higher source, the angel; where one places their higher faith; some also ask loved ones who have passed over to help or guide them.

At the end of this process always thank the higher source for coming and providing the information, it is important that you thank and show appreciation and gratitude for their help. Then imagine you cover yourself in a blanket of pink; have a glass of water, refresh yourself even wash your hands and enjoy the day or evening. Carry on with life.

If you would like to send feedback and let me know, your emails will remain confidential. we will not publish your emails.

We are here to help you help yourself; to support you and give you the answers you seek, do take care.

Until the next article if you need help, please email me, I’m happy to help.  


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