John Arthur Psychic and Medium


John offers Mediumship readings, Psychic & Spiritual Counselling as well as the services listed below over Skype or Phone worldwide.

John is a Spiritual Minister. He has professional qualifications in Energy Psychology (EFT), and Matrix Reimprinting. (Diploma’s with EFT UK Master, Karl Dawson). John has diploma’s in Psychic and Spiritual Counselling as well as Grief and Bereavement Counselling. He is a healer specializing in Quantum Healing, Reiki, Trance and Spiritual Healing.

“Spiritual counselling is about empowering your life. Helping to make the way forward clearer and put your destiny firmly back in your hands” ~ John

John have developed an expertise in dealing with unwanted energy within people, spaces and the environment (Spirit Rescue) and teach workshops in Europe and Canada. Among other things he has taught Healing, Psychic and Mediumship skills, Aura and Colour, Energy Healing, Psychic Vampirism and Psychic Protection. John has Diplomas in teaching and Meditation. All my studies and experience over many years have culminated in my Metaphysics Ph.D